The Henry P. Kendall Foundation

The Henry P. Kendall Foundation, named after the industrialist and philanthropist Henry P. Kendall (1878–1959), is a non-profit charitable foundation based in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally established by the Kendall family as the Norfolk Charitable Trust on June 5, 1957, its name was changed to the Henry P. Kendall Foundation on March 17, 1959 by Henry W. and John P. Kendall, its founding trustees, to honor their father in the wake of his death.

Warren Farm, Barrington, NH

Warren Farm
Barrington, NH

Berkeley St. Community Garden, Boston Natural Areas Network

Berkeley St. Community Garden
Boston Natural Areas Network

Manchester, NH Farmers Market

Manchester, NH
Farmers Market

Henry P. Kendall FoundationThe Foundation remains active, with headquarters at 176 Federal Street, Boston. It has supported a variety of endeavors since its creation. Beginning with grants to a range of scholars and charitable and educational institutions, it increasingly supported research on national policy issues such as nuclear power plant safety and arms reduction. Over time, it evolved into a particular emphasis on environmental concerns, including land preservation, climate change research, alternative energy sources, energy conservation, environmental education, forest management, National Parks, fisheries, and environmentally sustainable construction.

The Foundation’s current emphasis, in keeping with its history of engagement in environmental issues, is on increasing the production and consumption of local, sustainably produced food. The geographical focus of these projects and partnerships is on the New England region. Grants are awarded by invitation only. For information about Foundation-supported projects and partner organizations, you are invited to visit the website of the Henry P. Kendall Foundation. The Henry P. Kendall Foundation Archive includes founding documents, early correspondence, histories of the Foundation’s activities, some trustee meeting minutes and annual Foundation reports for some years, information on grants awarded, and grantee reports on some major projects.