The NCT Archive

Spring 2013 NCT Archive, Sharon, MAThe NCT Archive houses and maintains paper archives, artworks, photographs and artifacts of historical interest and cultural significance. Its holdings are primarily but not exclusively related to the history of the Kendall family of Massachusetts and its members’ collections, careers and other pursuits. Sponsored by the Norfolk Charitable Trust and located in Sharon, Massachusetts, it serves the scholarly community of researchers in history and the arts.

Policies for Use of the NCT Archive


  • General information, including descriptions of the scope and content of the collections and samples of collection contents, will be made available to the public on the NCT website,
  • Staff members will respond to requests for further information by mail or e-mail as their time and resources permit.  Normal contact hours are Tuesday through Thursday 9:30 AM to 3 PM, but these are subject to variation.
  • The NCT Archive is not open to the public. It is the policy of the NCT to restrict access to the archive beyond that which is available on the website or otherwise made available by the curatorial staff at an appropriate venue, except for historians and scholars invited by the NCT.
  • Access to material in the collections for research purposes will be granted based on staff and Collections Committee review of proposed research projects. Onsite research will be by application, invitation and appointment only.
  • The Trustees and staff reserve the right to set limits on access, to refuse research proposals, and to close certain pre-identified portions of the archive even to invited researchers, including any correspondence, writings and images of or materials directly concerning living members and relatives of the Kendall family.
  • Staff may charge a reasonable fee for extended time spent conducting research in response to requests or assisting onsite researchers.
  • Onsite researchers must register and agree to abide by NCT Archive regulations before being granted access. Any hands-on study of the collections will be under the supervision of a staff member, following accepted procedures for archival research.
  • All copying, scanning and photography will be done by staff.  Reasonable charges will be levied for these services.  If photocopies or digital records are provided to the researcher, copyright is retained by the owner.

Reproduction for Publication

  • Any reproduction of collection materials for publication or other public use requires written permission of the Trustees or their designated agent.
  • Any materials used in publications or presentations  will be credited to the Norfolk Charitable Trust unless otherwise specified. 
  • The Norfolk Charitable Trust retains the copyright of all photographic images in the collections except those otherwise held. 
  • At least one copy of any publication containing reproductions of any photographs or documents, or a significant amount of information obtained from the NCT Archive, will be provided at no cost to the Norfolk Charitable Trust.

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